Low Fat Mohallabiah Recipe

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Low Fat Mohallabiah Recipe


2 tins nestlé fat free sweetened condensed milk or 405 g

5½ cups water or 1375 ml

¾ cup rice powder or 105 g

1½ teaspoon vanilla powder

½ teaspoon rose water

½ teaspoon blossom water

½ cup pistachio nut or 50 g, grated


In a casserole, bring to boil NESTLÉ Fat Free Sweetened Condensed Milk with 4 cups of water. In another bowl, dissolve the remaining water with the rice powder and vanilla powder.

Slowly pour the rice mixture over the hot milk constantly stirring and cook on low heat for 5 minutes or until the mixture thickens. Add the rose and blossom water and mix well.

Pour the mixture into small bowls, and garnish with the grated pistachio.