Lebanese Knafeh Recipe

Lebanese Knafeh Recipe Ingredients: 1 package of shredded Kataifi dough 1 cup of butter melted 1 tablespoon melted Ghee 2 ½ cups of Akawi cheese 1/2 cup unsalted pistachio coarsely chopped 2 1/4 cups of milk ½ cup of Semolina (fine) 1 tablespoon of Rose water Syrup: 3 cups sugar 1 ½ cups of water […]

Lebanese Makloubi with Meat Recipe

Lebanese Makloubi with Meat Recipe Ingredients: For step # 1 21/2-lbs of veal large chunks 3-table spoons of olive oil 1-large onion ( peeled and cut in half) 1-teaspoon cinnamon 2-cinnamon sticks 1-teaspoon nutmeg 1-teaspoon all spice 1-teaspoon of black pepper 1 -teaspoon of red pepper flack 2-bay leafs 8 -cups of water _____________________________________ 2-large […]